Worrying about something that may or may-not happen is a waste of time.  Just believe what Garfield is telling you, and have International Markets Live (IML) take the worry out of your life forever.

The excitement is mounting for all of those attending the IML launch in Vegas on the 20th to the 22nd September. It promises to be a magnificent event that includes a funeral.  The participants are going to "Bury Broke".

So you are not an IML member, yet?  What does all of this have to do with you?

What this means is that the time for you to become a Founding Member is fast running out....

   Deadline to commit to join us in Vegas!            
        Ends September 10

  Join us in Vegas!                   

        September 20th - 22nd

   2 Million Dollar 90 Day Challenge                     1st August  - 1st November  (To be paid 1st December
The challenge is to help 20 people find financial freedom with IML by the 1st NovemberYou would need to be a Founding Member by the 18th September.to be part of this.  To state the obvious, there is no longer 90 days left, so the sooner you join IML the more days you will have to help those 20 people. and the more time you will have to find financial freedom for yourself.