Once you have watched this video, get back to me and I will answer your questions and help you to share in this opportunity to learn and earn.  It will change the way you work on-line, change your life for the better with excitement, knowledge and allow you to enter into a world of a 5trillion dollars a day industry.

Do you want your share?  Use the contact form to the right and I will get back to you immediately, if not sooner.  Lol.    Please do not hesitate, take the "Get out of Jail" card "Pass Go" and start a new and exciting career.

Members of IML who attended this morning's (evening in the US) Live Training session are so full of energy, inspiration and admiration for CEO of IML, Christopher Terry.

I have just come off the live training session with Chris, and even for a complete novice like myself he made everything so clear.  I'm not saying I can start trading on my own just yet, but what a great grounding.  I'm ready to learn more.

The live Trading Room is such a buzz, and it was particularly exciting to watch as the Target was reached.  Great result!!

If, like me, you have always had an interest in Forex Trading, but didn't know where to start, I personally recommend you take a look at this site.

This morning Chris spoke to everyone present about Commonality Zones and Price Relationships.  He started with Phi and the Dow Theory,  giving us all further research to do on these subjects.  He then went on to illustrate Shallow and Deep Retracements, showing how to recognize  commonality zones and trends.

There was so much more, making it a lot to absorb, but as the session was recorded and available to all members to watch over and over, there is really no excuse for not understanding everything.

Chris announced that soon the live sessions would be happening in the Live Trading Room 24hours a day so that each time zone could readily attend at a time that would suit them.

Much more to come on this fascinating subject!  Stay tuned!!

A Secret Loophole
Good Sunday Morning my HRS Family,

 Today is one of the hardest messages for me to write, because I have very sad news to bring.

As many of you know, there has been a constant attack against HourlyRevShare. This has included threats against me, my children, and our staff and moderators. Perhaps some of this is my fault for not applying the Terms and Conditions more forcefully, but I wanted to believe that kindness and generosity would be rewarded by gratitude and respect. Unfortunately that has not been the case, and I have reached the point of saying enough is enough.

So today I bring to you the sad news that I will shut down HRS for good, because dealing with the constant attacks and negativity is a misery I don’t need in my life, and I don’t want to subject myself or my children to it anymore. And it truly is a misery that none of you need either.

I am well aware that every other program would just shut its doors and disappear. The list is long enough, and many of you have lost significant funds in them.

Even though in all programs there is a strict no-refund policy, and even though in our Terms and Conditions it is clearly stated that there are no refunds, I don’t want to see you suffer such consequence. I am a person of honor and integrity and I will make refunds so that no one takes a loss for funding their HRS account.


I will refund members for any remaining difference between purchases made via external funding sources and what has already been paid to them in completed withdrawal payments.

Any member who is not in profit will receive a refund based on their Profit / Loss standing as recorded in our system. 'In Profit' means you have successfully withdrawn more than you have spent from external sources.

There will be no refund for any member who has already received paid withdrawals equal to or exceeding their out of pocket purchasing.

Bank-wire and STP refunds will be processed in the first phase, followed by Egopay and Perfect Money.

Once the refunding is complete, I will take the site down.

Target date for completion of all refunds is 4 weeks from tomorrow, on or around August 19th.


I’ve worked very hard to make HourlyRevShare great from day one, and continue to do my best for the program and the members. After the refund process is completed, those who never fully appreciated what HRS is about will realize what they missed.

I am sorry that things have to end this way, but this is a closing that is needed. Everyone please understand, I am not giving up - I am just deciding that this way, it could not continue.

I am convinced that there is a way to do something similar to HRS where we can we can fulfill the wish to help sincere families and respectful individuals who want to benefit from the Internet. Once all the dust is settled, I will finally take some time off, and I will meet in person with several of the key leaders who maintained a respectful and positive attitude in HRS and we will discuss possibilities for the future.


I have developed a close bond with many of you, almost as if we’ve become family in a certain way. I want to thank you for this short episode that our paths were running together, and I wish you well on your further journey. Perhaps we will reconnect in the near future. I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again.

Blessings to you, and thank you for your trust in me.

With My Heart,


The post above is the email sent to all HRS members.  For what it is worth, I think the whole programme was faulty from the beginning.  The forced closure of Liberty Reserve didn't help and to all of you who joined me in HRS, I apologise.  I believed what I was told and my gullibility has led me to encourage you to follow a path in something that probably, in retrospect, would never have worked.

My silence to date has been mainly because I had nothing concrete to back up my suspicions, I would rather say nothing than add to the suppositions that were doing the rounds.

Do follow up on the refund of your "seed" money.  This is yours, so don't leave it sitting.  Re-read the email above signed Analie.  It will explain the process they will follow to return your funds to you.

Far from saying farewell to you all, my next post will show you the direction I have chosen to follow and why.
The closure of Liberty Reserve was a blow to the management of TriDeci.  They have been working flat out to bring the programme back to life for us.

This is the latest information from the Admin Team..  the news is good.

TriDeci - Final System Update - Back within 24 hours!

We have some final system checks and test to carry out!

Logins will be opened later today, latest 10-11 PM GMT, today Tues 4 Jun.

You will be able to purchase ads, surf for commissions and and make withdrawals.

We will advise you all by way of an email update when we are open, so no need to check back every hour.

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting back to business.

The TriDeci Admin Team.

Slight Delay for TriDeci

TriDeci - 6 Hours to Go!
Sorry folks. One more upload to do and test!

Logins will be opened later today at:

6AM GMT, Wed 5 Jun.

You will be able to purchase ads, surf for commissions and and make withdrawals.

We will advise you all by way of an email update when we are open, so no need to check back every hour.

Thank you so much for your patience. Looking forward to getting back to business.

The TriDeci Admin Team.

The day for withdrawals in HRS has changed to Wednesday.  This means that from 12MN on Tuesday to 12 MN on Wednesday by the time on the Dashboard clock the withdrawal tab will be open for business for 24hours.

The Dashboard clock is set at GMT (London).
Current Server Time June 04, 2013 00:05:16

Open for Business NOW!!

I am posting the newsletter in full for you to read.

It is my hope that this is the turning point for HRS and we will soon be back on track and receiving the funds we have earned.


2013-06-02  Back to Business!!!

Dear HRS Family,

It has been a long time since I gave you a written update, for this I apologize and I want to offer an assurance that I will communicate more regularly from now on, like I used to. The issues that have affected my personal life have been overwhelming and have affected my ability to focus on HourlyRevShare as much as I should have.

I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding (from most of you) during these difficult last few weeks. It is due to the automated payout script that payouts were able to continue during this time, which has been good, but the fact that some members are still waiting on payouts from 16th April is something that I want to address as soon as possible, now that I am back working more like normal again.

Yes, there are delays with payouts, but I want to assure you, even if it takes some time, everyone will be paid. In the coming week, we will be working through issues and options, then next week we will issue an other update letter outlining further details of what action we are going to take.

In the meantime, I will be disabling automation starting this week so that I have control over payout order of processing. This is so that I can address oldest outstanding payout requests.

Some of you are out of patience. I understand that, and again, those who are truly unhappy and do not wish to continue with HRS can ask for a refund. Refunds will be based on profit standing and will apply to accounts in which external funds were used to purchase Adpacks in the beginning, and only on those which have not yet achieved break-even. In-Profit accounts are not eligible for a refund.

Statistic: for the 5 days from 27th – 31st May, payouts amounted to $700 000.

During this week I will be reviewing all aspects of the business and making some decisions on those areas that are either inefficient or insufficiently controlled. It is my wish to keep HRS going and continuing to pay. This will require some adjustments and these will be made with the wellbeing of the members and the program in mind. They will not be rash decisions, but determinations reached after thorough consideration.

In keeping with the adjustments that I am considering, please be aware that our Terms and FAQs will be updated accordingly, once they are finalized. Additionally, the How It Works page will be completed and released, and Terms for Banner and Text Ads Submission will also be posted.

Work continues on resolving tickets, some of the responses have been delayed due to my unavailability. Moni and I will work through those tickets that require my input for resolution, starting with the oldest waiting tickets.

We have also decided that as of next week, we will implement the use of the 5 digit PIN so that members may once again take care of profile updates like payprocessor and email updating themselves. This will relieve pressure on HelpDesk, and also speed up the process so members are not left waiting for changes to be made. Now that we have the PIN set up for PIF we can also use it for ID verification for profile changes.

I really want to say “Thank You” to everyone who has sent me supportive and caring messages, prayers and well wishes in the last few weeks, especially since my son's accident. It means so much to me to have your support and it gives me strength and has helped me get through this nightmare. For that I am truly grateful.

Some people have been less kind, posting nasty comments about myself, Moni and Dr Lieven in the forums. Never have I seen so many untruths and misguided statements, hurtful and vicious comments and outright lies. Very sad to see. I wonder what miserable lives some people must lead to be able to come up with these vile comments. It is not for these people that we work.

I also want to make a special mention to those team leaders out there who continue to guide and reassure in some cases very significant downlines through their own team and group webinars etc. I truly appreciate and am honored by your support and loyalty throughout out this challenging time. Holding webinars and team meetings without information to share cannot have been easy and I congratulate you on your efforts. You are all rockstars.

With much love and respect,

Analie Steinway

Hourly Rev Share is back!!

It is good to be earning hourly rebates once more.  As promised all rebates earned while HRS was in recess have appeared in the back office

I have instigated a withdrawal and bought more Ad Packs.
   Life is good.

W E B I N A R  W I T H  A N A L I E
 Tonight, Wednesday, May 22 @ 8 pm London

Check your time zone here

It's time to watch your balance grow.  From small beginnings a worthwhile balance will accumulate.

The Essential ingredient to success in Trideci is to grow the number of Daily Commission Units you have.  This in turn will increase the number of Cycling units you will be able to acquire.  Each cycling unit you either purchase or earn from your Reserve Balance accumulated from the 70/30 split each day as you view the 10 websites will add another place on your Cycling Matrix.

You also have another income source in your Residual Matrix.  This is where people you invite to join you in Trideci will fall.  You will receive 33% fast start bonus whenever someone joins you, and this will continue each month as the monthly fee falls due.

It is not essential to recruit new people into your Trideci business as you can build your Cycling Matrix each time you have $10 in your reserve balance buy another Cycler position.  Everyone has to purchase Plan A cyclers so this means that your matrix will eventually fill from above or below you as your turn to be next in line will place people there for you.

You may withdraw funds from your cash balance at any time.  Payments are made quickly once you make a withdrawal request.  The minimum withdrawal is $1 and Mr Kelly does payouts several times per day without fail.

Here is the best part.  When you join you are given in advance a $10 Daily Commission Unit.  As long as you view the 10 websites daily you will eventually earn $10 that will then purchase that unit for you.  It has cost you nothing.  However to take advantage of what you are earning you must become ACTIVE and that can be for as little as $10 each month.  If you just keep clicking websites each day you will find that the more DC units you acquire the faster you will be able to add to your total.

My suggestions is to join, Activate your account by joining the plan that suits you best.  It need be nothing more than the $9.99 Plan A to get started (monthly amount).  If you can purchase 1 or 2 DC Units and 1 Cycling Unit, remember you will also have the free unit and the more DC units you have the sooner that will become part of your income earning potential as well.

If you have more questions, please contact me via my contact form to the right  and I will help you one on one.

The first step is to click the banner below, join and have a look around.

TriDeci - Next Day Earnings - Guaranteed!
Even though HRS is in recess, I got paid today!! 

This is good news in any language... roll on the 21st May.  I am missing the daily activity of making money.  Lol.


What will happen during the 2 week recess?

This is how I read the newsletter released yesterday to all members of HRS.  It would seem that the 2 weeks recess commenced around 12 MD server time (GMT), as the last entry in my back office was 9pm (Australian EST).  What can we look forward to over the next 2 weeks?

Lots of things will be happening behind the scenes.  We will be paid up to date for all pending withdrawals including those remaining from the 16th April, new withdrawals from the 23rd April and the 30th April.   The projected time frame for this to occur will be 2 weeks and the payouts will be random.

Payouts have now been automated to a large extent, and the only manual payments being made are those  where a problem exists with either the information provided by the member or a problem like the member has requested a larger amount than the processor will pay.  This usually means the member is not qualified to a high enough level with the processor to receive that amount of funds, and so they bounce back to HRS.  This does create a whole lot of extra work, so do be aware.

So for the 6th May 228 people received payments ranging from $3000 to $33.  This information is readily available on
this link

During this time you will also be able to purchase new Ad Packs.

What will be paused?
You will no longer be able to Pay it Forward for new members to  join or to fund the account of existing members.

Obviously while HRS admin catch up on existing withdrawal payouts you will not be able to initiate a new withdrawal and the rebates will not be posted.

As I understand it when the site comes back up on the 21st May all rebates will be loaded and posted up to date from the date the recess commenced.  This means we won't lose those valuable funds, we just won't see them coming in each hour.  They will still be working in the background.

To read the full Newsletter Go Here

Enjoy your time away from the daily activity of HRS and do something special with your time. 

I plan  to catch up on some readingBliss!!