Many programmes would not have survived the massive growth that has bombarded Hourly Rev Share, however with a very strong, determined and savvy admin., this programme has more than weathered the storm.

HRS is a programme that requires very little attention from you daily.   So long as you log-in and decide what you want to do with the funds you have accumulated each day, there is little else to be done.  Recruitment is not necessary to earn, but it will boost your options if you do share with others. 

The change of rules  in relation to withdrawals means you will get paid weekly if you have funds over $50 to withdraw.  Every Tuesday for 24hours by the server time, you are able to withdraw from between $50 to $5000 as one weekly withdrawal.  It will take between 5 to 7 business days for your withdrawal to be processed.  So patience is the order of the day.

Remember your Ad Units are only viable for 30 days so you do need to keep buying Ad Packs and using the credits to place banners or text ads to promote other programmes.  There is no point in using your credits to post a banner for HRS, as the only people who read your banners are already members.  LolAd pack purchase can be done in 3 ways by:-
  1. Using your Balance Rebate,
  2. Commissions from Referrals 
  3. From your Re-purchase Balance which comes from the 70-30 split whenever you withdraw your Rebate.

Allow the admin from HRS to do their job, and you get on with living.  We all have a life off-line, let us all make the most of these opportunities when they present themselves.

If you want to read more about Hourly Rev Share  go here >>>
Make use of the Income Calculator to plan your strategy.

Here is the latest rankings for two of the programmes that I belong to >>

  2  Bannersbroker.com         457
  HourlyRevShare.net    2,197 (in only 4 months)

I suggest you consider the highlighted programmes as potential income earners.  Wishing you success in whatever you choose. 
I choose life and the freedom to make my own decisions.

Happy to discuss any of the programmes I recommend.  You can contact me via the Form on the RH side of this blog. 



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