What will happen during the 2 week recess?

This is how I read the newsletter released yesterday to all members of HRS.  It would seem that the 2 weeks recess commenced around 12 MD server time (GMT), as the last entry in my back office was 9pm (Australian EST).  What can we look forward to over the next 2 weeks?

Lots of things will be happening behind the scenes.  We will be paid up to date for all pending withdrawals including those remaining from the 16th April, new withdrawals from the 23rd April and the 30th April.   The projected time frame for this to occur will be 2 weeks and the payouts will be random.

Payouts have now been automated to a large extent, and the only manual payments being made are those  where a problem exists with either the information provided by the member or a problem like the member has requested a larger amount than the processor will pay.  This usually means the member is not qualified to a high enough level with the processor to receive that amount of funds, and so they bounce back to HRS.  This does create a whole lot of extra work, so do be aware.

So for the 6th May 228 people received payments ranging from $3000 to $33.  This information is readily available on
this link

During this time you will also be able to purchase new Ad Packs.

What will be paused?
You will no longer be able to Pay it Forward for new members to  join or to fund the account of existing members.

Obviously while HRS admin catch up on existing withdrawal payouts you will not be able to initiate a new withdrawal and the rebates will not be posted.

As I understand it when the site comes back up on the 21st May all rebates will be loaded and posted up to date from the date the recess commenced.  This means we won't lose those valuable funds, we just won't see them coming in each hour.  They will still be working in the background.

To read the full Newsletter Go Here

Enjoy your time away from the daily activity of HRS and do something special with your time. 

I plan  to catch up on some readingBliss!!


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