Members of IML who attended this morning's (evening in the US) Live Training session are so full of energy, inspiration and admiration for CEO of IML, Christopher Terry.

I have just come off the live training session with Chris, and even for a complete novice like myself he made everything so clear.  I'm not saying I can start trading on my own just yet, but what a great grounding.  I'm ready to learn more.

The live Trading Room is such a buzz, and it was particularly exciting to watch as the Target was reached.  Great result!!

If, like me, you have always had an interest in Forex Trading, but didn't know where to start, I personally recommend you take a look at this site.

This morning Chris spoke to everyone present about Commonality Zones and Price Relationships.  He started with Phi and the Dow Theory,  giving us all further research to do on these subjects.  He then went on to illustrate Shallow and Deep Retracements, showing how to recognize  commonality zones and trends.

There was so much more, making it a lot to absorb, but as the session was recorded and available to all members to watch over and over, there is really no excuse for not understanding everything.

Chris announced that soon the live sessions would be happening in the Live Trading Room 24hours a day so that each time zone could readily attend at a time that would suit them.

Much more to come on this fascinating subject!  Stay tuned!!

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