Good Sunday Morning my HRS Family,

 Today is one of the hardest messages for me to write, because I have very sad news to bring.

As many of you know, there has been a constant attack against HourlyRevShare. This has included threats against me, my children, and our staff and moderators. Perhaps some of this is my fault for not applying the Terms and Conditions more forcefully, but I wanted to believe that kindness and generosity would be rewarded by gratitude and respect. Unfortunately that has not been the case, and I have reached the point of saying enough is enough.

So today I bring to you the sad news that I will shut down HRS for good, because dealing with the constant attacks and negativity is a misery I don’t need in my life, and I don’t want to subject myself or my children to it anymore. And it truly is a misery that none of you need either.

I am well aware that every other program would just shut its doors and disappear. The list is long enough, and many of you have lost significant funds in them.

Even though in all programs there is a strict no-refund policy, and even though in our Terms and Conditions it is clearly stated that there are no refunds, I don’t want to see you suffer such consequence. I am a person of honor and integrity and I will make refunds so that no one takes a loss for funding their HRS account.


I will refund members for any remaining difference between purchases made via external funding sources and what has already been paid to them in completed withdrawal payments.

Any member who is not in profit will receive a refund based on their Profit / Loss standing as recorded in our system. 'In Profit' means you have successfully withdrawn more than you have spent from external sources.

There will be no refund for any member who has already received paid withdrawals equal to or exceeding their out of pocket purchasing.

Bank-wire and STP refunds will be processed in the first phase, followed by Egopay and Perfect Money.

Once the refunding is complete, I will take the site down.

Target date for completion of all refunds is 4 weeks from tomorrow, on or around August 19th.


I’ve worked very hard to make HourlyRevShare great from day one, and continue to do my best for the program and the members. After the refund process is completed, those who never fully appreciated what HRS is about will realize what they missed.

I am sorry that things have to end this way, but this is a closing that is needed. Everyone please understand, I am not giving up - I am just deciding that this way, it could not continue.

I am convinced that there is a way to do something similar to HRS where we can we can fulfill the wish to help sincere families and respectful individuals who want to benefit from the Internet. Once all the dust is settled, I will finally take some time off, and I will meet in person with several of the key leaders who maintained a respectful and positive attitude in HRS and we will discuss possibilities for the future.


I have developed a close bond with many of you, almost as if we’ve become family in a certain way. I want to thank you for this short episode that our paths were running together, and I wish you well on your further journey. Perhaps we will reconnect in the near future. I sincerely hope that our paths will cross again.

Blessings to you, and thank you for your trust in me.

With My Heart,


The post above is the email sent to all HRS members.  For what it is worth, I think the whole programme was faulty from the beginning.  The forced closure of Liberty Reserve didn't help and to all of you who joined me in HRS, I apologise.  I believed what I was told and my gullibility has led me to encourage you to follow a path in something that probably, in retrospect, would never have worked.

My silence to date has been mainly because I had nothing concrete to back up my suspicions, I would rather say nothing than add to the suppositions that were doing the rounds.

Do follow up on the refund of your "seed" money.  This is yours, so don't leave it sitting.  Re-read the email above signed Analie.  It will explain the process they will follow to return your funds to you.

Far from saying farewell to you all, my next post will show you the direction I have chosen to follow and why.


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