This is a representative diagram of the matrix for Penny Matrix showing the areas in which the 10,000 Pinoy call centre employees will fall.

Tracey Davison,  CEO of Pinoy Recruiters, has made it a condition of their employment that they become members of Penny Matrix and that they maintain that membership for the duration of their employment.  Their goal is to recruit a minimum of 5 people per day each into the matrix.  That is 50,000 paid members for existing members of Penny Matrix who are registered with Pinoy Recruiters to purchase each day. 

Does that blow your mind?  It does mine.  What this means is the matrix will fill many levels deep with spill over and under filling everyone's matrix.  Remember these are not leads but actual members that once you purchase them are the same as if you had privately recruited them and attract a 100% matching bonus.

The Red triangle represents the Early Birds.  People who joined before the Recruitment centre was fully set up and open for business. There is still time if you hurry, to become an early bird.

Future Marketers are represented in green.  and the yellow section is filled by future recruits from the combined marketing efforts of members and recruits from the call centre.

As the name "Pinoy Recruiters" suggests the first centre is in the Philippines where Tracey lives, but the plan is to create many more call centres in other disadvantage countries providing employment for many at generous rates of pay, and access to many more people and their families that can be helped out of poverty.  This is a win, win situation.

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